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Global Ghana Airlines Response to Recent Online Reports

September 29, 2017

CHICAGO – Global Ghana Airlines (GGA) would like to address and clarify certain issues that have been raised online with regard to our intentions and purpose. A recent press release from Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) stated that Global Ghana Airlines lacks the requisite approvals from the GCAA to commence a flight operation into Ghana. At no time did Global Ghana Airlines intend to imply that we have already received all necessary approvals to commence our flight operations.

A recent statement issued by Global Ghana Airlines was intended to alert the Ghana public of our forthcoming flight operation. We did not intend to mislead or deceive the public. Some of our business strategies may not appear conventional in this outdated industry. This is because we are a forward-thinking, unconventional company. We have 25 years of combined knowledge in the aviation industry, and we plan to benefit the public with that extensive experience. Global Ghana Airlines, LTD is a subsidiary to Sister City International Airlines, LLC, which is registered in the State of Illinois, USA. Global Ghana Airlines is also registered to do business in Ghana.

Our goal is to provide nonstop runs to and from Chicago-O’Hare and Accra. For the past 2 years, we have been in contact with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority regarding acquisition of the required Airline Carrier License (ACL) and Airline Operating Certificate (AOC). Appling for, and receiving, these required documents is a lengthy process which is rightfully based on assuring the safety of all air carriers, their employees and the general public. Our request for these operational certificates is currently pending with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, and we expect to have all issues resolved in the near future. See GCAA reference number, ERBD/IAL/5/VOL.4/896, March 14, 2016.

Further, Sister City International Airlines has partnered with Boeing Aircraft Company and is currently negotiating the purchase of a Boeing 767-200ER for lease for continuum operation. As of now, without the ACL, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is unable to inspect the aircraft for the issuance of the AOC. After this process is complete, the aircraft will be registered and maintained in the United States. The initial flight deck and cabin crew members will be U.S. citizens while we search for qualified individuals in Ghana to join the Global Ghana Airlines team.

Here at Global Ghana Airlines, we believe that transparency is one of the most important attributes of a modern-day air carrier. In that regard, we decided to issue this statement to address any concerns our future clients may hold. We also believe that that all air carriers must conduct business in a safe and secure manner, and comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations. Accordingly, Global Ghana Airlines is seeking all required approvals before we take to the air on our first flight. We hope to see you there!

- Global Ghana Airlines

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