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Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays

To protect the rights of our customers and provide quality service in the event of lengthy tarmac delays, Global Ghana Airlines makes this Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays in accordance with the Air Consumer Protections promulgated by U.S. Department of Transportation. This plan applies only to Global Ghana Airlines' scheduled and charter flights departing from or arriving at the U.S. airports. Global Ghana Airlines' Flight Control Department is responsible for monitoring flight irregularities and coordinating the execution of this plan.

Global Ghana Airlines will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours before allowing passengers to deplane, unless:

The pilot-in-command determines there is a safety-related or security-related reason why the aircraft cannot leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers; or

Air traffic control advises the pilot-in-command that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point elsewhere in order to de-plane passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.

Global Ghana Airlines will provide adequate food and potable water no later than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of a departure) or touches down (in the case of an arrival) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac, unless the pilot-in-command determines that safety or security considerations preclude such service.

Global Ghana Airlines will provide operable lavatory facilities and adequate medical attention if needed while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.

Global Ghana Airlines will notify passengers on the delayed flight beginning 30 minutes after scheduled departure time (including any revised departure time that passengers were notified about before boarding) and every 30 minutes thereafter that they have the opportunity to deplane from an aircraft that is at the gate or another disembarkation area with the door open if the opportunity to deplane actually exists.

While an aircraft is delayed on the tarmac, Global Ghana Airlines will notify passengers on board the aircraft regarding the status of the delay every 30 minutes, including the reasons for the delay, if known.

Global Ghana Airlines will allocate sufficient resources to implement this plan.

This plan has been coordinated with airport authorities (including terminal facility operators where applicable), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at each U.S. airport Global Ghana Airlines serves, as well as its regular U.S. diversion airports.

Contingency Plan for Denied Boarding in the Case of Over sales

The U. S. Department of Transportation requires that: When over sales occurred, airlines shall first ask passengers to voluntarily give up their reservations and offer them reasonable compensation. If there are not enough volunteers, airlines may deny the boarding of some involuntary passengers according the booking order.

Global Ghana Airlines will not make compensation if the rearranged new flight is less than one hour later than the original flight.

This plan applies only to flights that depart from U.S. and comply with the rules of U.S. Department of Transportation.

Contingency Plan for Flight Cancellation and Missed Connecting Flight

Global Ghana Airlines will not deny the boarding of passengers traveling alone who are young in age and cannot fend for themselves, or passengers’ senior in age.

Global Ghana Airlines will make and provide the following arrangements for passengers: